We just launched some new features in ZoConvert.

Hope you know by now that at ZoConvert the journey is never-ending. There’s always gonna be growth and improvement, just like today’s updates.

  • Now, You Can Create a Messenger Ads into ZoConvert Dashboard
  • Now, You Can Create a Persona into ZoConvert Dashboard
  • Now, You Can Create Dynamic Album in messages into ZoConvert Dashboard

1. How to create Facebook messenger Ads

To create Facebook messenger Ads, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Browse the Ads section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Select your account type, from the top left corner of your window

Step 3: Select your facebook ad account

Step 4: Click on “Create New Campaign”

  • After clicking on “Create New Campaign” your window will look like this

Step 5: Provide the name(Mandatory) of your ad campaign and objective (by default “Facebook messenger) of your campaign then click on the “Next” button

Step 6: Now set your billing event (by default “IMPRESSIONS”) and budget of your ad then click next button

Step 7: Select your target, whom you want to show your ad then click next button

  • Select saved audience from your audience list

  • Select custom audience to filter users according to your choice

  • Select locations, where you want to show your ads

  • After clicking on select your window will look like this

  • Select and add locations, both options are available “include and exclude” then click “OK” button

  • You can apply some more filters on the basis of the user’s relationship status, age, and gender

  • Select platform “Instagram” if you want to show your ad on “Instagram” also.

Step 8: In this step, set up the view of your ad, then click on the “Publish” button or you can preview your ad by clicking on the “Preview” button

  • Call to action is by default “MESSAGE PAGE”

  • Select your image for the ad

  • Add Welcome message, headline and link description for your ad

  • Set up your Initiation message

  • Select your “Instagram Account” (Not mandatory if you want your ad will run only on facebook)

Step 9: Click on “Publish” to start your facebook messenger ad, if you to preview your ad then click on “Preview” button.

  • If you clicked on “Publish” button, a pop up will pop on your screen for confirmation of running the ad

  • If you clicked on “Preview” button you will move to the “Preview” screen and you can preview the ad according to the devices like mobile, messenger and desktop.

2. How to create a Persona

Persona: The aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.

  • How persona works and the behavior of the persona (Follow the snapshot below):

  • The above snapshot is showing the meaning of persona that “When a persona is introduced into the thread, a new icon will be shown and all messages sent by the persona will be accompanied by an annotation above the message that states the persona name and the name of the Page the persona belongs to.”

Follow steps below to create a persona:

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Step 1: Login to Zoconvert and go to the “personas” in the sidebar.

Step 2: Click on “Create New Persona” button, top left corner on your screen.

Step 3: Enter the name of the persona and profile picture of that persona and click on the “Save” button. (Like below snapshot)

  • After providing the name and profile picture of the persona and clicked on “Save” button your screen looks like the below snapshot and shows that your persona has been created.

  • Now you can use this created persona as per your personalization like while sending the broadcast, creating a template, in the welcome message, keywords, and all the automation message delivery part.

Here is the lookup of persona used in “Broadcast”

Step 4: At the time of creating a broadcast just select the persona from the drop-down present on the top left corner of your screen.

3. How to use “Dynamic Album” in your Broadcast, Chat, Initiation message, audience builder and Welcome message.

Dynamic Album: A dynamic album is a feature to convert your subscribers to your customer by using messenger automation, This feature of ZoConvert will help the customers more than other opt-in because we know that images are more powerful than text to convince subscribers.

Follow the steps below to use Dynamic Album in your opt-in.

Note:  These steps can be used for “Templates”, “Audience Builder”, “Welcome Message”, “Initiation message” also.

  • Use dynamic album in a broadcast.

Step 1: Go to the “Broadcast” section in the dashboard.

Step 2: Go to create in broadcast section.

  • After click on create, the window will look like

Step 3: Click on “Dynamic Album” button shown as

Step 4: Choose your album which you want to show the user by clicking on this.

  • After addition of your album, your opt-in will look like this

Step 5: Name of your dynamic album “album_name” and the name of images “image_name” will fetch directly from your image album, select the number of images you want to send the user from the selected dynamic album.

  • You can add your own customized variable also which can also be fetched through your album, some examples are given below.
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  • Same as the above picture you can add more information related to your album by following the same pattern as above.


Step 6: After all of the above steps have been done. Click on “Go Next” button present on the top right corner of the window.

  • You can also preview the message by clicking on the “Preview” button.

Step 7: Now enter the campaign name and message type of your broadcast.

Step 8:  Now click on send now button for sending your broadcast or you can save your broadcast for later use. Both buttons are present on the top right corner of your window.

  • If you clicked on send now button then this pop-up shown to your screen and you have the choice that you want to send or cancel the broadcast. Clicking on “OK” button the broadcast will be sent immediately to the subscribers.

  • If you clicked on save button then your broadcast will be saved and you can use it later.

  • Your dynamic album will look like this.

Take the improved ZoConvert for a spin and let us know in the comment what you think about it!