The buzz around chatbots is hotter than ever!

There is a chatbot for pretty much anything you can image and ask for! Want a digital personal shopping assistant who can deliver an anniversary gift to your spouse? There’s a bot for that.

Want to break up and can’t handle the feelings or the stress right now? Technology got you covered! Perhaps you want the weather forecast texted to you throughout the day? There’s a bot for that, too.

Users have so many amazing choices to get help from brands on what to select and how to shop much easier. Being a consumer has never been more efficient! And businesses and brands are turning to Facebook Messenger bots, in particular,—attracted by Facebook’s enormous user base—to engage with and service their customers who use the platform.

In fact, more than 100,000 bots chat and help out people through Facebook Messenger every day.

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Let’s take a look at what bots actually are, ideas on how to use them efficiently to help your business and marketing goals as well as an example of the most successful bots. Are you ready to dive in?

Messenger Bot

A bot is like an app, but the interface is a conversation rather than a menu. At least, that was the original intention when bots came onto the scene in 2016.

Chatbots, A.I. platforms that use instant messaging as the application interface, are programmed so that they mimic human conversation. They have pre-programmed interactions that allow users to interact in a (generally) natural way with the A.I.

Who uses bots? Does it fit my business type?

Businesses in the travel, finance, media and entertainment, health, and retail sectors, in particular, have all found success with these pocket-sized personal assistants.

For example, you can open up Facebook Messenger at breakfast and ask your weather bot what’s the weather looks like. Then you can ask your local bot about your bus and when it is planned to arrive at your nearest spot.

Food and Ordering Industry

Pizza Hut

One of the most common reasons to use a bot is for taking orders. The list of restaurant chains jumping on the social media-ordering bandwagon continues to keep on growing. The first brand that announced a Messenger bot that allows ordering is Pizza Hut in July 2016. The chatbot that was announced was a social ordering platform at which customers will be able to reorder favorite or saved orders from any U.S. location of the restaurant chain by chatting directly with the Pizza Hut accounts on either Twitter or Facebook.

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Pizza Hut bot

Whole Foods

This is not a typical bot that just sends you a recipe. It is much more creative! Customers can select an emoji, like jalapeno or a banana, and then see recipes that involve those products.

Whole Foods bot

The chatbot lets customers mix and match by typing a word, selecting a cuisine (like Tex Mex), and adding an emoji to the text chat. They can also select keywords and choose recipes for special diets.

This is clearly different from the mass of bots and available assistants!

Traveling and Tourism Industry

Planning a trip? Message a travel bot for flights and hotel recommendations, to rent a car, and more. As easy as that.

More and more travel agencies and companies have begun providing automated customer service on their website or through a messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger to assist with booking of their travel.


Skyscanner has created a really good experience for users to find flights and make bookings. You can send a Facebook Messenger message to Skyscanner, chat with the bot, and it will help you search for flights. In addition to giving you the ability to type a destination, departure airport, and dates to search for flights, it also gives you ideas on the cheapest destinations from your nearest airport.

The bot for Skype offers users the chance to search for flights, either individually or as part of a group, returning live prices and route options within Skype, before providing a link where users can go to complete the booking for their trip.

As David Low, the Head of Bots and Conversational Search of Skyscanner stated back in 2016  “Chatbots offer something truly revolutionary by bringing travel search within the very platforms. Users are already interacting with on a frequent basis.“.

Skyscanner bot


Claire is a virtual travel assistant powered by A.I., created by the startup 30SecondsToFly. Claire is all about business travel. The “bot” side of Claire is a virtual travel assistant who will communicate with travelers, helping them book policy-compliant travel within just minutes. Let your employees configure their own travel assistant. When they book, Claire applies your travel policies and reports analytics to you. Concerned about the duty of care? Claire knows where travelers are at all times.

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Entertainment Industry

Josh Bocanegra, CEO of PersonaBots, once said that chatbots are a good way to get people excited about a franchise. This is 100% right. People are getting so enthusiastic when they feel that create a personal and direct relationship with a celebrity or a persona.

50 shades of Grey

The Christian Grey chatbot must be one of the most iconic bots. When it first launched, it created such a buzz around the movie, the persona and so many articles were devoted to praise the marketing team of the “50 shades of Grey”.

Fans of the books and the movies went absolutely crazy. This was their chance to talk to Christian, get into a relationship with him, a marriage even! Your conversations with “Christian” will be entertaining and, honestly, feel weirdly realistic.

During the conversation and the flirting, ‘Christian’ would ask you the following:

  • Watch a trailer for the new movie
  • Buy tickets for the movie at your local cinema
  • Buy the book
  • Listen to the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack
  • Buy games related to the movies and the characters

How do I know these? It’s not a shame; I loved this bot!?

50 shades of Grey

Is it easy to build a chatbot?

Yes, you can create a chatbot using ZoConvert no coding experience required. It’s a marketing tool that can be set up in minutes and is extremely helpful in capturing business, retaining leads, building an audience, personalizing updates, automating the messenger marketing process on the whole.

Chatbot interactions are segmented into structured and unstructured interactions. As the name suggests, the structured type is more about the logical flow of information, including menus, choices, and forms into account.

This means that you need to set your conversational goals and design the expected dialogs. Based on this you can set the keywords, the answers and get your users where you want them to.

To conclude

Bots, AI, and conversational marketing is part of the future.

Users and consumers are more and more demanding and they want to have an as easy and fun experience as possible. As the intelligence of machines is growing and technology give marketers possibilities to be even more creative, chances are there may be a hybrid world of apps, bots, and devices.