What exactly is Facebook Messenger?

In August of 2011, Facebook published an instant messaging service to help people communicate efficiently. This messaging app has various features besides just sending text messages, rather than the other existent messaging apps. The best part about this app is that you do not necessarily need to be on Facebook’s website or even have an account to be able to use Facebook messenger. Easy to use and understand effortlessly, a user can just login at Messenger.com or by opening it from the mobile app after downloading the app on Android or iOS.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a utility that is established with the help of rules or artificial intelligence. It is used for communication through messenger applications.


How can a chatbot help in Digital Marketing?

The usage of messenger apps is increasing rapidly as the need for communication rises among people worldwide. It is predicted that by the year 2019, 2.19 billion people will be using messenger apps. That is one of the important reasons why chatbots are essential to your digital marketing approach. According to BI intelligence, most people invest their time in messenger apps than social media apps. To be able to sell online, you most definitely must have an online audience, and since most of the audience are involved in messaging apps, that’s your place to go! Utilize this expanding trend and display your business to users worldwide.

Why Facebook Messenger?

You might be thinking, in a generation where apps are upgrading and new generation apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter rule the technology world, why to choose Facebook Messenger? Well, for starters, the Facebook messenger is one of the leading apps with 1.3 billion active users and counting, ranked second on the list of the worldwide used messaging apps. The branded chatbots that are allowed on the app make it a great opportunity to explore new generation marketing.

Recent reports specify that Facebook Messenger receives up to 1 billion messages from end users. Therefore, these beneficial factors can be taken advantage of by businesses to communicate and target a wider audience. In the world of marketing, messaging apps as tools are quite new today. Recently, with the help of messaging platforms, many businesses have increased the customer acquisition. The exponential growth of the usage of Facebook messenger for communication and brand advertisement has equally influenced digital media. The most significant feature about Facebook messenger is that it contributes to being one of the best online tools for marketing. Here are some lead generation ideas you can enforce using Facebook messenger for marketing:

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Lead Generation Ideas with Facebook Messenger

1. Content delivery made easier!

Rather than sending content through email, your content can directly be sent on to a user’s mobile chat app. Recent surveys showed that people were comfortable with the content delivered to their Facebook Messenger app rather than their email. With a large percent of the audience being present on the app, the content has the capacity to reach a wider audience as well as being delivered easily.

2. Develop Leads

Chatbots are great mediums to grasp rich profile information and data and turn users into great quality leads. You can use messages as an objective to reach the audience who are most likely to reply to your business-related text messages, and use conversions when you can track the conversion in- or outside of the Messenger bot.

3. Acts as a landing page for your website

Have a website? Well, your chatbot can act as a landing page for the website you own. Facebook gives you an option to merge with messenger and allows the app to give you a thorough website experience.

With the help of ZoFlow.io, built conversational chatbot for website/landing page to improve marketing and lead-generation campaigns for businesses. This is more compelling in the lead generation process when compared to the conventional marketing strategies.

4. Better Strategies

You can now create surveys, polls, and quizzes if you’re on the search for active participation from the audience present online. These innovative marketing tools give a better insight into the base of the potential customer and aid you to segment your marketing efforts and results.

5. Advertise at ease

Facebook messenger has made its way into becoming a part of many brand advertising strategies. These ads enable users on messenger to catch a glimpse of your advertisements and create an interest in your business. Advertisers design ads such as; Destination ads, sponsored messages, home-section ads to connect to the users and initiate sales.

6. Invitations for your business events

You can inform your followers about any events that take place related to your business through the Facebook messenger, which is fast and easy. Many companies who have used this strategy have reported that the method of sending invites through Facebook messenger is much easier when compared to sending them via email, and even got faster responses through it.

7. Convenient customer service idea

With the help of Facebook messenger campaigns, you can offer timely customer service to your clients effortlessly, and satisfy their needs in time. When people contact you through the Facebook messenger, it takes seconds to receive and before you know it, you’ll be sending responses and working more efficiently to get the work done. When it comes to emails, it gets hard to open and respond to hundreds of requests. But with the messenger, instant messaging makes client correspondence very easy and efficient for businesses.

8. Easy communication

Millions of users on Facebook along with equally huge numbers of pages cause our newsfeed to get stuffed to the point that it takes days to go through. Due to this claustrophobic environment, marketing becomes difficult and the audience fails to show interest. Facebook messenger just makes that easier with the concept of one-to-one communication with your clients.

Important next steps:

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