50 million business pages, 1 billion messages passed between the consumer and these businesses each month—are you really using Messenger marketing and chatbots the right way? Are you there yet?

Messenger is increasingly making it extremely convenient for Business Pages to be able to provide with instant, personalized and effective customer services, while also keeping the record for further usage.


The fact that you’ve landed here, reading this article, most likely means that you are in search of a different way to be able to connect with your audiences and customers using Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is a lot More than a Text Message Service

In 2011 Messenger was unhooked from Facebook. This resulted in the sheer convenience of not having to log-in or connect Facebook and Messenger chat. Meaning, most of the consumers (1.3 billion, as reported by Facebook Newsroom in 2017 are already hanging on the platform.

Can businesses really afford to miss out on that kind of an audience? You being hesitant would simply mean that it’s time to start exploring opportunities with Messenger for business.

Sprout Social confirms that Messenger gets at least 15 times more customer engagement than Facebook ads.

Still unsure on how to completely harness the power of Facebook Messenger? For businesses, there’s some good news! Facebook Messenger 2.0 provides a feature called ‘Discover’, which is meant to help the people approaching a business learn more about them, start a conversation with them or even book an appointment.

messenger marketing funnel

Facebook Messenger Feature to Try Next

There have been innumerable announcements of new features and enhancements since the inception of Facebook Messenger. We certainly can’t be talking about all of them. But to list a few—we have location sharing, multiple accounts, bot platform, Messenger stories, Messenger codes, AI chatbots that have truly made a difference.

Announced early in 2016 Messenger Codes were announced for users’ profiles. These were scannable codes that directly opened up a chat with the scanned code’s profile person.

Messenger Codes for Businesses—what is it?

Image Source: Hubspot.com

Post a successful reception of messenger scan codes, Facebook launched the same feature for businesses as well. So what’s a Messenger code, what significance does it have for businesses, how can one get it and how does it work?

Let’s explore precisely that further in the article.

Starting with what are messenger codes? They are Messenger’s equivalent to Snapchat’s swap codes.

Not clear enough?

Messenger codes are those series of dots and dashes circling around your profile picture. Scanning this code with one’s camera presumably adds that person as your contact. It is more or less like a QR code but differs in functionality.

Also, unlike QR scan codes, messenger codes are supposed to be much more appealing and they almost always work, which QR codes don’t seem to. There needs to exist a snappy solution to everything today and Facebook understood this pretty well. Hence, scanning a Messenger code doesn’t require you to download a third party app.

What are Messenger Codes?

Messenger Codes

Messenger Code looks more or less like a QR scan code but its functionality is quite different.

With messenger code, users do not need to download a third-party app to scan it, Facebook definitely thought this one through, because most people today prefer a short and snappy solution to everything.

Why to go for Messenger Codes?

Bridging physical touch points with digital marketing, Messenger codes can actually achieve more than you might give them credit for. It’s actually pretty simple to understand. Businesses have a lot more audience that is offline and could well be a potential customer. Need more convincing? Here you go:

A lot, A lot of Audiences

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Messenger boasts to have users in billion making it one of the biggest messaging apps only after WhatsApp.

Clear and Personalized Reach

Playing a major role in connecting Messenger users to a business page, one gets an advantage of not getting lost between all the newsfeed. You get to deliver a personalized message to the inbox.

More Effective than URLs

Promoting social media on offline mediums can be a really tough deal. That’s because tracking the standard marketing materials—from posters to newspaper, can’t be done effectively. Will providing them with your URL make them really search for your business over the internet? Instead of incorporating your messenger code in such mediums will appeal to more people.

Re-Engaging Customers Better

Your Messenger code can be well used as an engagement for saying your event attendees, regular buyers, hotel guests, magazine subscribers, patients and so on.

How to get Messenger Code for your Business?

Now that you’ve realized what all messenger code can really accomplish for your business, how quick and convenient will it make for people to get in touch with you, let us understand, step-by-step, how to get a Messenger code for your Facebook Business Page.

  • First, you need to Facebook Page App using your iPhone or Android device.
  • Once the download is complete, open the app and visit your business page.
  • Now, looking at the far-right bottom of your screen, you’ll notice three horizontal lines, click on them. Select ‘Messages’ given in the Menu.
  • On the upper-right corner you’ll find a Messenger Code Icon, click on it.
  • Then, you need to click on the ‘Share Messenger Code’.
  • The code will be saved to your gallery for any further use to be made.

Now that you have your Messenger code on you, you need to make sure that you’ve integrated a chatbot with your Messenger for it to be able to provide instant customer support to people scanning your code.

Facebook marketing isn’t something new for marketers to explore. But the fact that it still is where the audience is and most customers are comfortable with using it can really come in handy in generating qualified leads using Messenger.

But how can you send in a more in-person promotional message to a user’s inbox and generate more leads at the same time?

Your solution—ZoConvert.

Generate Messenger Code—get more Leads using ZoConvert

Log-in to your ZoConvert account and then let’s step-by-step go through with the procedure.

#Step 1

Post-logging-in, you are on your dashboard. There click on the option Audience Builder given on the menu. Therein click on Create Builder button and proceed forward.

There you will be given with Template option From Slide-In to Two Step Pop-up. You need to click on Messenger Codes and Links. After making the selection click on Next located below.


#Step 2

Now, you will be required to ‘Create a New Initiation Message’ or you can go with the Message used for existing Templates.


#Step 3

Post typing the appropriate message you are taken to your Messenger Code. You are also given with an m.me link (You can try by clicking here – https://m.me/138477030217991?ref=MNdgAkaGp) that leads to your Messenger. This URL is to be shared in order to initiate custom flow. You can even try scanning the code for yourself. Then, click on Next.

Messenger Code

#Step 4

Next up, ZoConvert gives with an option of making any Final Touches to your campaign. You can change the name and description of the campaign as the need be. By clicking on ‘Save’ your campaign gets listed with the other audience builder campaigns you have.


Ta-da! It works! You are ready with a Messenger code that’ll reach your audience and help generate leads like never before.

Ways for Businesses to Use Facebook Messenger Scan Codes—Use Cases

Now that you are ready with guns blazing, what is left is for you to understand ways to use Messenger scan codes for business and marketing purposes. Let’s have a look at a few.

For Speaking Engagements

Don’t want attendees to leave without subscribing to your services or programs? Seminars and workshops can actually help you a great deal with positioning your brand as an authority and can prove to be an excellent lead generation tool.

Sending them an email—before or during the event will most likely will not be opened or seen at all. Alternatively, using Messenger scan code can be a great idea to capture these leads.

You can get your Messenger scan code printed onto flyers for attendees or can be included in slides in your presentation. Now that you also are aware of how to connect the code to a chatbot, you can send them free downloads as an incentive so that more people scan the code.

On Business Cards

Turn your business card into a lead generation machine by using Messenger scan codes. It is that simple! One of the best ideas for an instant lead generation in the offline world, surely.  

You should provide with all the necessary information regarding the product or packaging once the code is scanned by someone from your card.

You can also make it a point for people you meet to scan the code in front of you. But you can only urge them so much.


In Retail

There exist numerous ways in which Messenger scan codes can be used in retail.

Scan codes are already provided in most food items leading consumers towards information regarding the ingredients, nutrients, etc.

When it comes to clothing, these codes can help the consumer with the information on sizes or with the information on the availability of the product in other stores. You can not only optimize your tags but also try including scan code in your shopping bags leading to relevant and engaging content.  

Or maybe these codes can assist with the customer service.

Loyalty Programs

Messenger scan codes can be a great way for offline businesses to be able to implement digital customer loyalty programs. What business can do is that they can provide a Messenger code that can be scanned by customers whenever they happen to visit the store or make a purchase.

Once scanned, points can be instantly strategically added to the customer’s registered account. The chatbot can further help them know their points and eligibility for rewards.

Such loyalty programs are especially great for restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, retail and so on.

Expos and Trade Shows

Ever been to an expo that is heavily crowded? This can be a typical sight—many exhibitors running short on staff and being unable to keep up with everyone who wants or needs to talk to them. What they typically do is ask attendees to write their name, number, and email somewhere.

But that’s so yesterday!

Truly, Messenger scan codes, connected to a chatbot would be able to offer numerous benefits to the exhibitors.

Attendees can be asked to scan code to get any general information about the brand that the staff can’t provide with to all. Your bot can also lead to information that is available in your brochure. This can further help in eliminating brochures and pamphlets completely (for environment’s sake!). plus you can deliver more personalized information to each which a brochure never can.

Messenger Scan Codes—a Conclusion

You can’t implement all the ideas mentioned above to your own business but you should certainly pick some that fit your brand perfectly and test them out.

Once you actually use the scan code in generating leads you’ll certainly find newer ways and possibilities of using them. For inspiration, you can even go through how QR codes have been used and re-vamp the strategy for Messenger.

So now you know what, why, how and more of Messenger scan codes, all that is left to do is use it.