Facebook is testing a new way of organizing messages from business pages in Messenger.

World’s favorite social media platform—Facebook—has come up with this brand new feature of being able to organize messages from business pages, separating them from personal messages in Messenger.

An update on this new test was first made by Social Media Examiner where several Facebook users reported seeing a folder named ‘Business’ in their Messenger.

Several other Facebook users are reporting seeing this as well.

It was later stated in a developer community that this is currently a test with a minimal number of Messenger users, with no plans to expand at this time.

As discussed between the developers’ community—this turns out to be a test with a minimal number of users being given to using it. Therefore, if you are unable to see this folder yet, you need not have to worry.

Following was the exact message broadcasted by Messenger Platform Developer Community informing users about the very same tweak made by them—

Hi All,

There have been some discussions about a Messenger test that is currently running, and we want to provide you all with some clarity.

Earlier this month, we started testing a dedicated destination for business messages within Messenger. As with any testing, we want to ensure that we are delivering a delightful experience for the Messenger community while delivering business results for advertisers. We are testing this with a minimal number of Messenger users and do not have plans to expand the test at this time.

We appreciate your feedback.

Earlier, in 2017, Facebook sponsored messages were launched in order to supplement their click-to-Messenger ads. While Click-to-Messenger ads started conversations with prospects, sponsored messages enabled easy re-engagement using these previous conversations.

With the coming of this new test feature of the separate business folder, sponsored messages now will be able to acquire better visibility on the main window of the prospects.

So how is the test being received by users?

Several users (the ones being able to see the ‘Business’ folder) are receiving it pretty well. The ease in access to the business messages and also being able to keep them separated from the personal ones are being stressed by numerous users.

Users are explicitly expressing how more than one of their business messages slipped by between n number of messages. And with the coming of this new folder how they now have a place to organize them all effectively. It’ll prove to be especially beneficial for users who have a lot of messenger subscriptions and therefore tend to miss the personal messages.

Is it any good for marketers or businesses?

Essentially the benefits seem more likely to be enjoyed by customers. But at the same time, the perk of the coming of this Business folder benefits page admins in the same way. That is—they will also be able to keep their personal messages separated from the clients’ or customers’ messages.

Furthermore, with the coming of this change, it can be expected that more users will get interested in opting-in for Messenger bots and also continuing to engage with them.

There won’t be required any spamming as all the business messages are now available in one single folder.

What can be expected now?

There still isn’t available a confirmation on the permanency of this change made by Facebook. So, nothing as yet can be a given.

If it ends up rolling out more widely the chances of this feature becoming permanent are highly likely.

At a glance, it may seem like it has not much to offer, but only time will tell what all will this experiment bring with it.