Starting Jan. 1, 2019, Facebook is requiring page-level subscription messaging permissions.

Till now, ZoConvert had the permission from Facebook to enable all the pages connected to it, to send out broadcasts in an unlimited manner. But going forward, Facebook is making it a mandate for all users to have an independent page level permission for subscription messaging.


Source: Facebook for Developers

To simplify, all the marketers would need to have exclusive permission from Facebook to use any kind of app or automation for their broadcast messages.


Facebook has kept the process fairly simple. You can find out the application process in the Settings of your FB page. Refer to the images below for the directions.

Page Settings > Messenger Platform > Advanced Marketing Features > Subscription Messaging Request.


Step1 – Go to Page Settings

messeging request


Step 2 – In settings, you’ll find Messenger Platform



Step 3 – Jump to section: Advanced Messaging features


Step 4 – You’ll se an option to Request Subscription Messaging


Step 5 – When you click on Request, you’ll see a small form like this: 


Now here comes the application part. We suggest you to be extra careful with the application as currently, FB has a manual process to review page applications.

For most of you, “News” will be the ideal tag to submit your bot as the other two categories will count limited use cases which are complex in nature.

Now, with the examples of messages, as you clearly see, FB does not allow direct promotions of deals. So, we’ll have to add a little trick to it.

In the details section, describe what kind of messages would your bot be sending out like blog posts.
Example – A fashion e-commerce brand, may write “XYZ bot sends periodic alerts to keep our subscribers updated with the latest trends in clothing”

About the examples of broadcasts, DO NOT put any direct promotional messages for sale, discounts etc. Rather, put an informative statement and then an invitation to read further or visit the website.

E.g. – This Winter, take a pledge to help our beloved city curb its pollution level. See how UBER’s #LowerTheWindow is impacting. Check out our app for details.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ping us, in case you have any questions. We’d be happy to help 🙂
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