If you’re new to using chatbots, then you should know that broadcast messages in Facebook Messenger can generate 8X higher engagement rate than email.

5 Tips for Facebook Messenger Marketing in 2019

Using a few or all these tactics can make you a messenger marketing superhero:

  1. Build a chatbot in 5 minutes.
  2. Convert email subscribers into Messenger contacts.
  3. Promote blog posts with Messenger ads.
  4. Add a comment guard to grow Messenger contacts.
  5. Setting up drip campaigns.

1. Create your bot in a matter of minutes

Facebook Messenger chatbots can:

  • Collect lead information
  • Automate messaging sequence
  • Collect survey data
  • Support higher ROI for your Ads
  • Answer FAQs

Building chatbots with chatbot builder like Zoconvert is very easy. You can build your bot in 5 minutes without having any technical knowledge.

When you’re creating your first chatbots, you might start with the one that can:

  • Collect contact information
  • Subscribe users to updates and offers
  • Customize the welcome page to segment users based on their interest
  • Answer FAQs about the company.

2. Convert email subscribers into Messenger contacts

Building subscribers list is a major component of any marketing strategy.

Here are two effective ways you can use to convert your email subscribers into Messenger contacts:

  • Click-to-Messenger ads. 
  • Link to Messenger in email campaigns.  

To use these tactics for your advantage you can:

  • Create an opt-in page to sign up Messenger subscribers.
  • Test your opt-in page.
  • Send it to all your email subscribers in an email sequence. also you can include it in your email signature to see better results.
  • Create a custom audience in Facebook Ads, sending traffic to your Messenger opt-in page.

3. Promote blog posts with Messenger ads

Traditionally when Facebook ads send traffic to your website,it looks something like this:

  • You’re paying $4-$6 per result.
  • You have no data on the traffic you are receiving.
  • The traffic to your website leaves without a trace and there is no way that you can contact them later.

Here are some advantages of using click-to-Messenger ads:

  • Low cost per result as compared to the traditional ads.
  • Higher conversion rate, every click is a new Messenger contact
  • Contact information for follow-up.

4. Add a Facebook comment tool to grow your Messenger contacts

When you’re in the growth stage, you’ll like to grow your Messenger contact list.

To create Facebook Comment Audience Builder campaign for your website with ZoConvert, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Browse to the Audience Builder section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Create Builder icon present on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: On the next page, under choose a template, select Facebook Comments as the template and click on Next to proceed.

Step 4: The next window is Apply to posts, this section will show all the posts you’ve posted on your Facebook page. You can choose one, multiple or all posts for this campaign.

  • If any post you’re looking for is not showing up, click on “click here if your post is not shown” icon.
  • It asks you the URL of the post. Enter the URL or the post ID in the respective field. And click on Add posts button. Then click on Next to proceed.

Step 5: Under the Auto Response section, you have to select the recipients of the auto response message.

Step 6: The next step is to decide who will receive the opt-in message.

  • You can also edit the opt-in message, to do this, click on Edit Opt-in Message button.
  • You can create an opt-in message using buttons and adding their action as subscribe to bot (for yes) and unsubscribe from bot (for no) as shown in the image below.
  • Once done, click on Save to proceed.

Step 7: Under Final Touch, enter the name for your campaign and its description. When done, click on Save to finalise the campaign. You can go back to the previous step any time by clicking on the previous key.

Step 8: Once the comment tool audience builder campaign has been created successfully, you can enable or disable the campaign anytime you want by making use of the controller key.

5. Set up nurturing drip campaigns

Drip campaign is a very powerful marketing tools.

Create a sequence to convert cold marketing leads to qualified sales leads.

When you set up the sequence, every contact added to the audience receives the sequence starting the moment they join.

When you add audience segmentation and start sending relevant, dripped content based on their interest and need, you’ve created an effective lead-converting machine.

It’s very easy to create a drip campaign in ZoConvert in three steps:

  • Create an audience segment.
  • Build the pages for dripping.
  • Build the drip campaign.

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Article Source: business2community.com