This is the second decade of the 21st century and it is not easy to create a business in the field of online marketing. With the rise of competition in this business, a person needs to tackle all the hurdles with his full effort from foot to top.

Some people feel frustrated because of the rising challenges in the business of online marketing. With a lot of rising challenges, they want to move with some other tools which can boost the economy on their business. They want to go for a better channel which has not been used by the other marketer in the early period.

In that case, Facebook messenger marketing can help you to achieve your goals of online marketing. It may be considered as the latest tool which is being a primary channel for online marketing. The companies which are adopting this fast-flowing channel are getting boosted advantages as compared to their competitors.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook messenger marketing is a growing up tool of marketing in the field of online commerce. Facebook messenger marketing has its coverage all over the world. You can boost your business online marketing using the marketing tool of the Facebook messenger.

Theoretically, the process of this system is similar to email marketing. But in practice, the messenger system is really very far from the Email.

The process of messenger marketing is more conversational than the Email-process. It goes from one to one chat whether in email process; it goes from one to a bunch of people. Unlikely E-mail, Marketing from Facebook messenger is growing rapidly.

Likely other methods of marketing, the service provider provides you a messenger chatbot which analyzes the queries of your clients and provides them with a solution from its database.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing is getting more appreciation for the following reasons

With the help of chatbot marketing, a message can be easily customized on the link you visited. For any query, you can personally send a message to the company and you will receive a personal response from customer service providers. This system makes your business more personal, this can be considered as two way thing in which service seeker and provider can chat directly. This system is going to be the most appreciated because people want to the business in one to one theory.

The messenger is an application which is growing rapidly all over the world. Facebook messenger is most commonly used application globally. You can see, the messenger is active in most of the devices. You can add photos, videos and document files without very less hassle. This is a number one channel for the people of all over the world when the thing comes to communicating with family and friends.

1. Facebook Messenger Shopping Cart

Messenger Shopping Cart

Facebook Messenger marketing has raised its value in very less time, there are ample marketing companies which are making their business with the help of marketing tools of a messenger. Any single person can raise the value of his business by adding his business with messenger marketing.

While shopping from the messenger, you may find an option which asks you to add the product in the cart. In other languages, a cart can be said as a bucket in which you can drop your selected items which you have shortlisted from your shopping website.

Facebook messenger shopping cart also works for you with the same, whenever you select a product for buying; it automatically creates a cart for you in which you can add your selected products. When you complete the selection of your items, you can move to the cart to customize your cart. You can delete or add items as per your choice and selection.

If you are a retailer or seller, Facebook addresses can be a right and the first choice for the marketing of your products online.  By adding shopping cart software on your Facebook account, you can easily sell your products by adding them to your Facebook pages. By using Facebook marketing messenger, you can create public groups in the name of your company. With the rise in followers of the page, you will get the best in your business.

Facebook page provides you some special tool for the marketing of your product. You can post your products in multiple chat groups. It allows you a chat box in which your chatbot can answer the queries and questions of your clients.

2. Facebook Messenger Marketing Webchat Tool

Facebook Messenger Marketing Webchat Tool

In this revolutionary time of social media, chats, and communication between customers and companies has never been social. Before some last years, if a customer wants to complain to the company about anything about their services, he has to go for various options which were very harassing and depressing.  But in the present, he webcast tools have eliminated the hassles for the customers to communicate with their service providers, we can say thanks to the social media.

Presently, most of the business providers are getting the queries on chats and calls, their customers expect a response from them in 5 minutes. But, most of the business companies do not follow the role of responding in less time. With the shortage of customer care executives, it can be a bit difficult to handle all the calls within a given time period. This can create a problem for all types of business corporations because they may receive a large number of messages or queries per day, but they cannot stay online 24×7. The customers can abandon their business with the companies which have no courage to respond in less time.

3. Facebook Messenger Marketing Segmented Campaigns

As you may have heard, personalization in marketing and customer service becomes more and more important as time passes. According to Accenture, lack of personalization cost businesses $75 Billion last year. In addition, recent Epsilon research indicates that 80 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience. Check an amazing in-depth guide from Wigzo shows us more reasons why personalization nowadays is so important: eCommerce Personalization in 2018

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There are more than 100,000 companies which are doing online marketing with their Facebook pages, they are using ample tools to touch the goals of their sales. There are a number of companies which are doing their business while getting more than one segment on their websites. Sometimes, when they found that some of their segments are running fine and others are not making any sales, then they start to conduct segmented campaigns to boost the rate of sales of a particular product from their website. Generally, retailers conduct these campaigns on festivals and some special days and occasion to sell all of their stock in the specific segment.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Segmented Campaigns

Facebook messenger marketing experts also conduct these segmented campaigns when needed. This can be considered as a tactic which they use to utilize all their stocks to the visitors. They represent some special offers to the customers for raising the sales of their products. They conduct some offers in the same segment by providing discounts to the visitors of their websites. Facebook messenger marketers conduct these campaigns in festive seasons in order to clear their stocks as well as to gain more profit in less time. Because, the festive season remains in existence for a fixed period, and people usually love to shop in the festive season so this can be a good time to conduct segmented campaigns through Facebook messenger.

4. Facebook Messenger Marketing Automated Replies

There is something magical about statistics and numbers. It is like they give a whole new meaning to a piece of content or to an article like this one.

So, let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • According to Hubspot, 55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a problem.
  • Again, according to Hubspot, 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.
  • 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other mean of contact.

Automated Replies on Facebook Messages

Nowadays we all are interacting or chatting with dealers and customers with a business facebook page. There are some steps through which you can send an automatic reply or private message to your customers when busy or not available at moment.

Automated Replies on Facebook Messages

By using the Instant Reply message you can remain in touch with your customer. Moreover when you are free then can get back to them and pay regards for contacting your Page.

By using a ZoConvert that allows you to automate replies on Facebook messages in a cost-effective way.

Automated Replies on Facebook Post Comments

Another cool way that Facebook Messenger can help you grow your online business is by sending automated replies to all the Facebook users who post a comment on your Facebook posts. When you publish a new post with a product of your online store, you often get comments regarding the availability of this particular product, the colors or the sizes that the product is available in and its price.

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As you can imagine, as the number of comments you receive grows, so does the need for automating this procedure. Manual handling requires time and money so it is not recommended. So, how can you beat this?

By using a ZoConvert that allows you to automate replies on Facebook comments in a cost-effective way.

5. Facebook Messenger Cart Recovery

While shopping online, more than 90% customers leave the page without shopping after adding items in the cart. In fact, it is being a major issue for all the retailers over the globe working with eCommerce websites. While counting the probability, 7 out of 10 abandon their cart without making a purchase.

As from the rules of eCommerce websites,  you can restore the lost stocks by sending automated emails to the visitors which has abandoned the cart. Facebook messenger can be considered as the latest channel which has the highest rating when the thing comes to the recovery of abandoned carts.

Facebook Messenger Cart Recovery

How it Works?

When someone comes to our website and select items to purchase, and after a moment he bounces from the page without making a purchase, then the magic happens. Then the Facebook messenger automatically post them a personalized message to ask them to complete the process of their purchase. When the person receives a message in the messenger, they can decide they want to continue with this cart or not. It is a very straightforward method of adding priority to your business when you start using the Facebook messenger cart recovery.

6. Benefits of Cart Recovery from Facebook Messenger

It enables you to send a personalized message to the person who has left a cart without purchase from your website. When you give a less time to the visitor for thinking about visiting another website with a message, then your website gets the higher chances of doing business with that visitor.

According to the online marketing experts, you can get more than 50% CTR by using Facebook messenger as a tool. Which means, when they make a click to open your message, they are not just opening that message, they also click on the links you provided.

Here are 3 ways you can reclaim lost revenue from your abandoned shopping carts:

  • Cart recovery through email
  • Cart recovery through Facebook Ads
  • Cart recovery through Facebook Messenger marketing

In order for the message to reach your visitor’s Facebook Messenger account, you first have to install the Facebook Messenger checkbox to your website, as displayed below:

Messenger Checkbox

Some other things to consider include the total number of messages you will send throughout in your Facebook Messenger marketing sequence, the copy that you are going to use, and the discount you are going to offer so that you get people to purchase the products in their carts.

All in all, cart recovery through Facebook Messenger marketing is an extremely effective way to help you convert more cart abandoners into paying customers.

ZoConvert – Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform

ZoConvert is a well-known facebook messenger marketing platform; it is attracting every online marketer & blogger in the field. It provides attractive as well as a user-friendly interface through which you can easily create ad-campaigns.

This tool can be preferred on the top Priority to raise the output of your business via marketing through Facebook messenger. This tool has some special features by which you can make your own Chatbot within a couple of minutes. It can be easy to raise the quality and quantity of your business.

Advantages of using ZoConvert

  • Increases your sales by attracting the Subscribers or Audiences
  • Easy to install or Setup
  • User-friendly Customization
  • Provides the options of customized widgets or pop-ups
  • Provide quick Reports on Campaigns
  • One of the splendid features is Automated Bot Messenger

Getting Started with ZoConvert


With the end of the financial year, all the companies want to earn more and more profit while closing their accounts for the closing year. For some last days, they start to organize sales with huge discounts on their websites too. Since Facebook marketing messenger tool attracts more customers than others, the organizers can earn more profit with the use of facebook messenger marketing.

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