If your brand has a Facebook page then you are ought to be aware that fans simply LOVE contests. Also, that these contests on Facebook get a lot more engagement than regular posts does.

Facebook Messenger, the social network’s messaging app with 1.3 billion users, has been helping with keeping the audience active and marketers happy with the advent of contests.

This is why Facebook recently tweaked the contest rules, which turned out to be great news especially for small businesses that can’t afford to spare time or resources on—

  • Creating page apps
  • Designing graphics
  • Giving fans a way to sign up by submitting emails

So, let’s dig on deeper and understand how to run contests using a Facebook Messenger bot and boost your contact list, generate more leads to take your business marketing to a new level.

The idea also is to introduce you with some ideas and contest bot examples that will help you with collecting more chatbot marketing swipe files.

And this we will accomplish in the most efficient way using ZoConvert, so that you don’t waste any of your time on trying things that don’t work for you.

Running these contests is a good idea especially using a chatbot to handle the most complex part because they can help you with—

  • Instant lead capture
  • Getting more and more fans
  • Expanding your brand network reach
  • Low-friction user participation
  • Automated follow-up and management

So, What Makes Facebook Bot Contests Such a Powerful Marketing Tactic?

Coming up with good content can be a time-consuming and often expensive an affair. Thankfully, we have contests that rely on user-generated content that help companies rapidly scale and promote content in fun ways that benefit both you and the readers.

According to Hubspot, approximately 33% of contest entrants agree to receive information from brands allowing businesses to remarket to those customers to be able to land a sale.

Isaac Rudansky, Instructor of the Chatbot Master Class. He says—“I’ve been building chatbots for a while now and the #1 most effective strategy—and when I say effective I mean increasing conversion rate, increasing contact engagement rate—is running contests and giveaways.

It almost seems natural. Having prospects of winning something valuable for free has its own appeal. Contests further can make brand interaction almost seem gamified.

Tapping into the audiences’ psychological element of persuasion, contests, and giveaways can actually hook people for a long time as the experience almost feels like a game wherein you also have prospects of actually winning. It’s kind of a rush to the human brain, tapping strong psychological components.

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Facebook Messenger Bot Contest—Some Examples to Try

Before we jump on to understand how to run Facebook Messenger bot contests it is imperative for you to have an idea on what kind of contests will work the best for you. Following are given some ideas for you to pick from and try:

1. A ‘Comment to Win’ Contest

This one works the best if the goal of your campaign is to turn your fans into your Messenger contacts. Also, bringing some viral attention to your brand and engaging your audience at the same time.


Just by adding a Facebook post-auto-responder you can turn each comment into a Messenger contact.

2. The Power to Vote

Give people some options to pick from then invite them to leave a comment with the option they pick. You can also try using photos with choices which can seem more interactive and eye-catching to people.

3. The Help us Name it Contest

The idea here is to turn a product launch into an opportunity to engage and interact with your audience. You can run a contest and ask them to help come up with a name for the product using your Facebook bot.

4. Add a Caption Contest

Images, GIFs, and videos are especially the way to go for this kind of contests, as they can prove to be much more fun and attention-grabbing way to attract such attention. This is really a fad on social media and your brand joining them will surely get them working.

Add a Caption Contest

Asking the audience to add captions to some silly, interesting or disarming posts is a great way to engage them and turn the suggested captions into new Messenger contacts.

5. A Quiz Whizz or Puzzle Solving

It’s another great psychological trick to get people engaged with a post on Facebook. Coming up with contests that have puzzles to solve and words to complete is certainly going to bring people to drop in their answers that in turn become your Messenger contact.


6. Answer Right to Enter Contest

This one is a contest wherein there exists a correct answer to the question asked. And the answer is most likely not common knowledge. Here people who know the answer will be your choices to win giveaways.

7. Share your Story Contest

People in general love sharing their experiences. Cash-in on this and invite people to share their story. You can ask them to send those stories to you using Messenger. And voila! your job’s done.

8. Fill in the Blank

Self-explanatory for sure! What you can here do is that instead of having a single right answer to the post you can reward the best submissions.



How to Run a Contest in the Best Way Possible—Using ZoConvert

You can create a chatbot contest of your own using ZoConvert. What you need to do post getting ZoConvert synced to your Facebook page is just follow the steps below and get results on contests and giveaways like never before.

Run a Contest with ZoConvert

In the first step you—create the chatbot flow to collect entries. In the second step, you create entry point(s), be it through comment tool, popup widget, links or buttons.

Step #1

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First and foremost, you need to have a dialogue that your chatbot will respond with when someone enters your contest from any of the various entry points that you have. Follow the steps below to understand how to build a bot.


  • On your ZoConvert dashboard go to Templates (the last option on the list).
  • Here, you can click on Create New Template or Prebuild Template.
  • Now, you need to add content to the boxes asking qualifying questions or the question needed to be asked. You can here specify the type of response you want for the question. It can be in the form of a text, an email address, etc.
  • It is a good idea to give prior information to the audience confirming that they want to join in the contest.


Click here to check the example of a contest chatbot template.

Step #2

You’ve now successfully created a template for you to use for the contest. Next, you need to go to option Audience Builder given on the list in the left.

Therein, you click on Create Builder has given on the right of the screen, below your login profile name. There you’ll be given with options from Slide-in to Chat Plugin, select the options Facebook Comments there and click on Next.

Audience Builder - comment tool

First, select the Page post you want to apply the response to, i.e. your contest. By clicking on Next you’ll be directed to Auto Response.

Page post comment tool

Here, you provide the text that will be sent to the commenters of the post, meeting specific criteria. Next, you have an option to send it solely to the new users, excluding the existing subscribers, you can pick who you want to target. It can also be everyone. Next up, you provide with the keywords and tags you want to include and exclude in the comment for a response. Post doing this click on Next.


In the Opt-In Actions, you can select the action that takes place in the sending option. If you have given keyword criteria for your contest (in the option just above) you need to select the option Send only to users who reply with a keyword. Made the choice? Now click on Next for the Final Touch.


Give your campaign a name and description then click on Save. Voila! You have a contest to run.

contest save

Step #3

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You’ve now run your contest which means it’s time for you to come up with a winner or winners. ZoConvert will guide you right through it.

Go to the option Leads on the list on your dashboard. Here, click on the option of Advanced Search. Here you can add a filter for your search by selecting any of the properties from last interaction, Subscription Source, Time Zone, Gender to Tags. You select the Tags as property. Then you give the ‘equal’ or ‘not equals’ criteria and then you select Tags.

Your audience filter is now created.

Hit the Download button to view everyone who participated in the contest and what they responded with. The list with the contact information will be saved to your computer.


Now, you need to pick a winner from the list. For this, you can use things such as number generator and then match it to the row or column in your spreadsheet.

This last step of selecting the winner(s) depends essentially on what the goal of your contest actually was.

The Next Step for your Brand

So, with a contest bringing you the desired results, the new contacts that you now have are leading towards becoming your content customers or subscribers.

It seems pretty clear that the idea of running a contest using an awesome tool such as ZoConvert will surely work for your business, especially when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

From taking photos with your products from your brand to caption contests, you can cover a wide range of contest ideas that suite your brand image the most. Keep in mind that the easier it is to enter the contest, the more entrants you are likely to get.

Ultimately, you need to decide what the goal of your contest is in order to determine what type of contest you should be running next.

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