There exist reportedly over 300,000 bots now live on Facebook Messenger helping businesses automate all sorts of conversations with consumers—a trend that is only bound to grow.

You must’ve heard often about Facebook Messenger and how Messenger chatbots automate your brand’s interaction with your customers.

But did you know about how using Messenger you can actually advertise your business?

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users on Messenger alone, it is quickly becoming a battleground for e-commerce retailers.

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In this post let’s discover ways Facebook Messenger ads are stellar when it comes to reaching customers in unique ways.

What Are Facebook Messenger Ads?

But first… Take a look at the types of messenger ads and what are they:

Before the perks of messenger ads and what it does for your business lure you and you start creating your Messenger ads, you need to know about what it exactly is and the type of ad you’d want to create for your business.

So, simply put, Messenger ads are paid, branded advertisements that take advantage of Facebook’s billions of users with Messenger app as the delivery platform. Following are the options you can choose from:

  1. You can advertise on the home screen of the Messenger app. These are the ads that show up when people first visit their Messenger to view or send messages.
  2. You can create Click to Messenger ads. These are the ads that are typically visible where regular ads appear. Such as in Facebook feeds, on Instagram. Clicking on such ads leads people directly to a conversation with your band wherein they ask questions and make it possible for you as a brand to be able to provide support as and when needed.
  3. Either or create Sponsored Message to active conversations. These ads are sent to users via personal message. Therefore, this is meant for people who are already connected with you on Messenger. Especially good for businesses already running click-to-message ads or have a huge following.

In 2018 the average cost per click of Facebook advertising was $1.72. Just a year earlier it was 0.97cents. By conservative estimates average Facebook CPC should be up to $2.06 in the coming year.

73% of people between 18-29 years of age are there on Messenger. What’s next?

Kids are growing up with chat apps…

Though it has been in a controversial light, Messenger Kids has been ranked #17 on the App store for social media apps. Kids sure like to chat. Regardless of the controversy or how we feel about the kid’s messenger app, all signs point to these kids converting to the adult product when the time comes.

You get an idea about the popularity of Facebook Messenger ads.

Here are things that will explain the significance of Facebook Messenger ads for your business:

1. Promptly Reach People on Preferred Medium

Customer support is increasingly moving towards messaging, as shows the data earlier. So, not using live chat in some form you are losing out on solid conversions. As it is but obvious that the faster you reach people the more increased are your chances of closing a deal.

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review throws a light on how a company’s response time impacts their qualification rates.

The result was—if a response isn’t delivered in five minutes of a customer reaching out to you, your odds of converting them to a lead decrease by a shocking 400%.

And not so surprisingly enough according to another study by Drift a vast majority of sales team don’t respond within anywhere close to the five-minute mark or less—with only 7% of the sales team in the study responding within the right time. And a whopping 53% of them took more than 5 days or never responded to inquiries.

If you notice the killer competition between e-commerce marketers you’ll realize that the standard response time is nothing but shrinking. That clearly goes on to show that the need to be promptly responding is imperative for driving sales and convert leads.

A number of people, 73% of the consumers to be precise prefer interacting with a brand via live chat rather than old and boring emails.

Other than being able to promptly contact potential leads, there happens an interaction of over 2 billion messages between consumers and brands each month. And according to data given by Facebook itself—53% of users are more likely to buy from a brand they can message to.

Therefore, Messenger advertisement allows you to reach more people promptly at a platform they absolutely love, giving your business a chance to convert users at a rate like never before.

2. You get to Personalize Ads for Each User

Like remarketing on steroids, you can personalize ads right from the head to the toe. Since you get to message a user directly within the messaging app you can reach each one with a personalized message as you are not only restricted to their news feed.

The kicker in all of it is that you can actually use it to retarget hundreds and thousands of people with messages that are personalized exclusively for a group/type.

You are surely aware of how Facebook News Feed is majorly cluttered. And the historic way of advertising doesn’t bring any profits to the business.

With ads on Facebook Messenger, you don’t run a risk of going overboard as you only reach out to consumers who’ve shown interest in your brand.

You can weigh for yourself if sending personalized messages gives you better response and shot at landing or the basic, mass-produced, ‘one fits all’ marketing ad on their feed.

Get more people chatting, so that you have more active Messages on Facebook in order to retarget them with sponsored messages or re-engagement campaign(s) with highly personalized messages for them.

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By opening direct, one-on-one chat conversations with your audience, you can create hyper-personalized brand experiences at the individual level. Let’s face it, many people want instant gratification, so the idea of direct contact for answers they aren’t put off by Messenger experience.

3. Better Local Targeting with Messenger Ads

There lies no doubt about messenger ads being one of the best ways for building a localized brand awareness making it a new favorite tool for advertising.

It comes with the new “local awareness” feature you get to create newsfeed ads that are highly engaging. Further, select the local audience depending on your business location(s) and select who sees your ad.

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Once you have this sorted you can come up with offers accordingly meaning you can drive real foot traffic with a simple, message styled ad.

4. The Best for Hitting a Conversation

When considering real sales qualifying leads and gauging interest is absolutely critical. It almost sounds stupid to be spending days and weeks talking to a lead and later finding out that they don’t really care about either your product or your brand.

It is almost impossible to simply ask a user to convert instantly. Therefore, you need to start with a casual conversation and smartly assess their interests and needs. Otherwise, you are just blindly running numerous remarketing ads with nothing but hope in you for being able to land a sale.

Strike a perfect balance between ads and real sales with Facebook Messenger ads.

Instead of directly asking prospect clients for their emails and hard-earned cash ask them to message and chat with your brand for any queries and questions they have in mind.

This style of ad can use the benefits of extreme personalization in order to click a chord with clients immediately.

It provides an experience absolutely different than the regular marketing ads simply can’t afford. And after a user responds, you can even customize automated response messages using bots, accordingly.

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Deliver customized offers and CTAs quickly and with ease like never before. With millions of businesses advertising on Facebook, you need to stand out and shine becomes imperative if you want to generate more leads.

So, start a conversation with prospect customers using Messenger ads and qualify leads in much fewer steps than a traditional sales funnel.

How to Set Up Facebook Messenger Ads

Now that you’ve got a grasp on some of the best ways to use Messenger-style ads, it’s time for the fun part: setting them up.

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You’ve got a few options for setting up Facebook Messenger Ads into the ZoConvert dashboard.

To create Facebook messenger Ads, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Browse the Ads section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Select your account type, from the top left corner of your window

Step 3: Select your facebook ad account

Step 4: Click on “Create New Campaign”

  • After clicking on “Create New Campaign” your window will look like this

Step 5: Provide the name(Mandatory) of your ad campaign and objective (by default “Facebook messenger) of your campaign then click on the “Next” button

Step 6: Now set your billing event (by default “IMPRESSIONS”) and budget of your ad then click next button

Step 7: Select your target, whom you want to show your ad then click next button

  • Select saved audience from your audience list
  • Select custom audience to filter users according to your choice
  • Select locations, where you want to show your ads
  • After clicking on select your window will look like this
  • Select and add locations, both options are available “include and exclude” then click “OK” button
  • You can apply some more filters on the basis of the user’s relationship status, age, and gender
  • Select platform “Instagram” if you want to show your ad on “Instagram” also.

Step 8: In this step, set up the view of your ad, then click on the “Publish” button or you can preview your ad by clicking on the “Preview” button

  • Call to action is by default “MESSAGE PAGE”
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  • Select your image for the ad
  • Add Welcome message, headline and link description for your ad
  • Set up your Initiation message
  • Select your “Instagram Account” (Not mandatory if you want your ad will run only on facebook)

Step 9: Click on “Publish” to start your facebook messenger ads, if you to preview your ad then click on “Preview” button.

  • If you clicked on “Publish” button, a pop up will pop on your screen for confirmation of running the ad
  • If you clicked on “Preview” button you will move to the “Preview” screen and you can preview the ad according to the devices like mobile, messenger and desktop.

So will you be using Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Relationship building is much harder to do online than it is when you have customers coming into our store regularly as you don’t have salespersons to greet them immediately and start fostering relationships that lead to loyalty and eventually advocacy.

While social media has been a great way to bridge the gap between online businesses and customers, public interactions still don’t always have the same effect as a one-on-one conversation. That’s what makes Messenger ads so important, both for placements and sponsored messages.