At the back end of last year when the traditional marketers were calling ChatBots nothing more than just conversational mimickers, they slowly made their way to the center of digital marketing strategies.

They may seem like an unnecessary addition to your digital funnel to an untrained eye but with proper, detailed preparation and implementation by people who know what they are doing, they can be pivotal in monetizing any and every social media structure.

So, first things first. If you are here, you are already interested in what this article might have to say. I win, now let us work for you to get the same feeling.

Emails and ChatBots — ChatBots and Emails — sounds odd but the combination of both can put in the missing piece of the puzzle that is Email Marketing.

The younger demographic that is heavily active on social media channels cannot be targeted as effectively through emails as they can be with messaging apps. They need real-time solutions for their problems without getting spammed by unexciting emails.

And even the not-so-young demographic is following the suit. When some people find Live Chats time consuming and Non-Humanly [not in the traditional sense, of course], some want pin-point results to their queries.

This is exactly why Chatbots are thriving.

Thanks to these little things of the future [which, by the way, is now — I mean the future is now], your clients can get their queries answered immediately through your Page’s Facebook Messenger without having to ‘click on a link’ or ‘visiting the website’.

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‘Let’s Move In Together’, instead of ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’. Emails and Chatbots can surely blossom together, and if you want it enough, they might even Mushroom together.

It is about establishing and maintaining relationships; fruitful, profitable relationships with the customers. Both, Chatbots and Emails can be designed to do exactly that, but in different ways, of course.

They both complement each other — in more ways you think they can.

When, on one hand, Facebook Messenger Chatbots put forward precise information to match the client’s needs directly in their social chat, Emails build on the interest and response of the client through hyperlinks, CTA, Copies, Images, and did I mention links? I did, didn’t I?

The Match Made in… Well, Heaven.

The most non-typical way, yet the most typical way to bring in Chatbots in your already implemented marketing strategy is through Facebook Messenger.

Having a chatbot as a cake-size cherry on top of the same cake can not only bring you more detailed, consensually collected user-data but will also give you better conversion rate; soaring your sales as a result.

More than half the people, while filling up your long online forms, provide fake personal information. And half of them even have the audacity to provide fake phone numbers just to get access to your website or offers. And you thought why your lead generation and data mining never works for you.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots let you bypass these ‘issues’. How?

Facebook Chats are social. When your client/potential client gets your message in a chat window, it makes the conversation feel more social and interesting. And they get a sense of loyalty. For those who didn’t get this point, your clients will give you the correct information and not use their ex’s phone number instead of theirs.

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Clients get instant answers whereas during Live Chats they have to wait for approximately 2 minutes 31 seconds to get a response [I didn’t make this number up]. Once you have captured the attention of the user, you can seal the deal with a more detailed, carefully designed email.

Youngsters don’t use emails that often so, Facebook Messenger Chatbots can come in handy with them. You can create a separate ‘Conversation Flow’ that targets the younger demographic.

Integration of Facebook Messenger Chatbots with your Email Marketing Plan.

Every email plan is different and if it isn’t then there are high chances it wouldn’t work. But, here are some pointers you can use try and get inspired by.

  • Newsletter Rollouts
  • Offers — Discounts
  • One-Click Subscriptions
  • Content Download Packets
  • Movie Reminders, Event Promotions Combined with Offers and Subscriptions

Give your support staff some time to put their feet up and enjoy a smoothie while the Chatbot answers FAQs and curtail the waiting time your clients endure. The faster and as hassle-free the experience of the client is, the better the chances of conversion.

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