If you’re trying to find the way of successful deploying chatbot for your marketing needs, let’s firstly find out – why?

Should you know this willing to our chatbots era when everybody in the tech world seems to be talking about them? Or does it happen because you are fed up with all these marketing efforts and you’re just striving for the marketing automation? No worries, any of these answers is okay but let’s find out true reasons of doing this. The clearer picture you have – the better you can leverage them in your business.

Let’s discuss some of the facts that why you should know messenger marketing.


When people with whom you are slightly/not familiar turn to you by name. It’s a small detail of personalization which alters significantly the following conversation. Now the same happens to our devices.

The more personalization it carries – the more valuable it ends up to be for customers. Think about app stores and their products. How much personalization can you meet there? Hardly any. You just feel yourself as a part of the crowd, whereas chatbots can give you feeling of personal, tete-a-tete conversation which has nothing to do with other customers.



What is the most precious thing you can expect from your customers? Of course, attention. With the era of Internet in our life came inability to feel surprised. Most of us think that they have seen literally everything. And it made significantly more difficult the life of marketers.

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A typical business hears from 4 percent of its dissatisfied customers. What about the rest 96 percent? They simply choose a different brand to do business with. Though there could be varying reasons for customer dissatisfaction, delay in service delivery or extended turnaround time is one of them. It irritates customers the most.

Thankfully, with a chatbot, you can stay responsive to your audience 24/7, and it can handle as many queries as you can imagine. There is no limit. All that you need to do is to get the chatbot built properly and integrated with the right database. This will help them to answer cognitively to the users.

However, to make the technology investment work the way you want, the hired chatbot development team must work closely with the business. This will help them to better understand the project requirements including challenges and bottlenecks associated with different backend and customer-facing processes.


Social media has been a leading frontier in these activities for a long time now between brands and consumers. Well, communication has reached an advanced extent and yes is independent of manpower, more realistic and accurate as well. Chatbots are a new extension, which is used in chatting with a numerous number of people commonly in Facebook pages for queries and communications on a formal level. Chatbots are taking over social media marketing as they allow consumers to engage with them in terms of content consumption, customer service and transactional engagements. Shifting gears, it is now possible for consumers to read and receive information, ask queries and even purchase from one chatbot instead of using social media as a portal.

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Chatbots use a process known as deep learning whereby a network recognizes speech, data, and specific patterns, then transmit the data through layers of the network such that they provide accurate results each time the AI faces the same problem or query from users.


As chatbots are often found on social media messaging platforms they have abilities to reach an almost infinite number of people. It’s possible to reach out to a new customer base for any brand simply by hitting on new demographics, and they can also be integrated into multiple messaging apps. This makes brands more readily available to provide assistance to customers and opens up new opportunities for increased sales.


1. Make your customer service incredible.

2. Actively drive engagement.

3. Gather feedback and analyse it.

4. Make notifications remarkable. Not bothersome.

Chatbots are gaining more popularity in the marketing industry and this is because they are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers, riding on the exploding popularity of messaging apps. Adopting the chatbot technology will give you a major advantage as a marketer over competitors. In conclusion, the biggest advantages of chatbots include being able to reach a broad audience on messenger apps, as well as the ability to automate personalized messages.